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A Division of Colorado Center for Physical Therapy

Pilates Studio

We offer private Pilates and Yoga Therapy sessions to anyone of any age who is interested in wellness, prevention, or just honing their skill. This includes those looking for valuable additions to their home based exercise program. We assist recreational and serious athletes seeking improved core strength, flexibility & endurance. We help those seeking a more holistic approach to injury or post-surgical rehabilitation. We have been working with professional dancers in the metro-Denver area for 27 years and help athletes of all ages who partake in a wide variety of sporting activities.

Pilates Fitness Program – CLICK HERE

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Rehabilitative Pilates (Clinical Applications of Pilates) – CLICK HERE

Sports and Dance Injury Rehabilitation – CLICK HERE

Pilates & Gentle Yoga for a Healthier Pregnancy – CLICK HERE

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Our goal is to get you started safely & smartly to maximize your fitness experience!

Motion on Mainstreet