Colorado Center for Physical Therapy

Our approach is based on the importance of looking at the full scope of the person’s problem using methods of assessment, pain relief, and prevention that are scientifically proven, and have withstood the test of time.

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Supporting your goal of achieving a healthier, stronger, & more luminous body.

Motion on Mainstreet

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Colorado Center for Physical Therapy

If you have injured your spine or have had surgery in the past, chances are good that the deep core stabilizing muscles of your spine do not have adequate strength.

Colorado Center for Physical Therapy

We provide traditional physical therapy applications and can combine them with an array of select, time tested natural health approaches.

We work with a wide variety of doctors and health care experts, believe in a team approach, and allow the highest good of the patient to be our guide. We differ from other physical therapy clinics in many ways, the foremost being our approach, but also that we spend ample time with each patient with the intention of understanding the root of their problem

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Serving South Metro-Denver Since 1990
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We offer Pilates Reformer Classes, private Pilates and Yoga Therapy sessions to anyone of any age who is interested in wellness, prevention, or just honing their skill. This includes those looking for valuable additions to their home based exercise program. We assist recreational and serious athletes seeking improved core strength, flexibility & endurance.

Motion on Mainstreet – 303-797-0988
A Division of Colorado Center for Physical Therapy
2329 West Main Street, #107, Littleton, CO 80120

“The Colorado Center for Physical Therapy (CCPT) has been instrumental in my recovery process. They created a tailored approached to address my specific medical needs while always considering my physical limitations. The managing staff modified my treatment periodically based on my improvements and paired me with different CCPT practitioners to take me to the ‘next stage’ of my recovery journey. I would not be where I am today without the caring and knowledgeable staff at CCPT. I have enthusiastically recommended this physical therapy facility to numerous friends so they too could reduce suffering from chronic pain and other physical ailments.”

- Dave M. - Littleton, Colorado

“These guys are truly experts in their field. Everyone here is very knowledgeable and they really work hard to find the ‘root cause’ of your pain. Most physical therapists that I have seen in the past treat everyone the same and have a standard approach for everything. At Colorado Center for Physical Therapy (CCPT) they really specialize at individualized care and individualized treatment. As a massage therapist myself I would highly recommend CCPT and in-fact have sent a few of my clients their way and have always received great reviews from them when they come back into my office.”

- Dawn F. - Littleton, Colorado

“I have been a patient at Colorado Center for Physical Therapy (CCPT) for the past 3 years. I had rehab after a full knee replacement and thanks to their excellent therapy I was able to ski 3 months later. Consequently, I signed up for their low back program. I had been troubled since 1988 with sciatic and SI pain. Nothing I did worked for an extended time. After the completion of the 12 week program I was all but pain free, and still am. I know I need to follow thru with maintenance visits and home therapy but I can play golf, hike and ski  with little to no pain. I have referred many patients over with similar results. I am a periodontist and would never write this if I truly did not believe it. Thanks to the great team at CCPT for giving me back my life.”

- Michael P. - Littleton, Colorado

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