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Pilates & Gentle Yoga for a Healthier Pregnancy

At Motion On Mainstreet we provide a custom tailored Pilates and/or Gentle Yoga based program for addressing the needs of women during and after pregnancy and the birthing process. Both approaches work toward the same physical result of promoting the healthiest pregnancy, most efficient delivery, and fastest recovery possible, Many OB/GYN’s agree that when skillfully applied, Pilates and Gentle Yoga are among the most beneficial exercise approaches during pregnancy as well as in the months immediately following the birthing process. With professional guidance, Pilates can help:

  • Reduce incidence of backache
  • Support better posture & endurance
  • Achieve optimal weight goals
  • Develop quality muscle strength and flexibility
  • Tone the most important muscles needed for the birthing process

Because our Pilates approach for a healthier pregnancy involves non-weight bearing exercise, it can be applied during all stages of pregnancy then modified for quicker recovery after the baby is born. For example, many women sense and feel postural changes as the baby grows. The lower back muscles commonly become shortened (hypertonic) causing pain in the back, sacroiliac joint, and hips. The expecting mother may also experience tension and discomfort in the neck & shoulder regions. Our custom tailored Pilates pregnancy program addresses postural changes, unwanted tension and helps prepare the delivering mom for that special day.

At Motion On Mainstreet much emphasis is placed on breath control to help with relaxation and focused neuromuscular movements. The diaphragmatic breath is practiced for efficiency during strength training but also during the resting phase to facilitate faster recovery (rest, repose, and repair), When practiced regularly, the diaphragmatic breath promotes a more stable blood pressure level and is said to be the vehicle to calming the nervous system.

If you would like more information about our Pilates & Gentle Yoga for a Healthier Pregnancy program, please contact Lea-Ann, Margaret or Erma at 303-797-0988.

To schedule an appointment, please call 303-797-0988.

* Most Insurance Accepted. Competitive cash prices and packages are available. We are a Medicare and Workers Compensation approved facility. Call us and we will help determine which payment plan works best for you.

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