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Sports & Dance Injury Rehabilitation

Working in concert with our multidisciplined staff of rehabilitation professionals at the Colorado Center for Physical Therapy are Emily Becker, DPT, and Lea-Ann Born McMillan, Certified Yoga and Pilates Therapist.

Emily Becker, DPT

Emily is a graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University Physical Therapy program and is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She presented at the 2013 Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) conference on “Can Correcting Technical Faults in Adolescent Dancers Prevent Labral Pathology”. Emily took specialized courses in the study of pediatrics through the VA-LEND program and her article on integrating children with disabilities into the performing arts classroom was published in The International Journal of Physiotherapy Theory and Practice.

Emily enjoys treating patients of all ages and activity levels, from kids to weekend warriors. She has a special interest in athletes, patients with dysautonomia, developmental disabilities, or anyone whom has given up hope on getting better.  She has a special interest in dancers as well from pre-professional to professional.

Prior to pursuing a career in physical therapy Emily earned high accolades both academically and artistically at Virginia School of the Arts where she danced many leading roles. After graduating she danced professionally with the Richmond Ballet and was a guest artist for several regional companies and schools around Virginia.

Because of her extensive background in dance Emily has a unique understanding and expertise not only in regards to the risks of physical injury but also have insight into the personality of a dancer and their approach to dealing with an injury or the risk of an injury. Emily has comprehensive knowledge of dance injuries and how to best treat those injuries to allow for maximum participation in class, rehearsals and performance. Since moving to Denver, Emily has expanded her scope and passion for dance medicine to include the specialty of hip labral pathology.

Lea-Ann Born McMillan, Certified Yoga and Pilates Therapist

Lea-Ann applies Rehabilitative Pilates & Yoga Therapy to help the recovery of injured athletes, car accident victims, post-surgical patients, and those with chronic disease. She has used her rehabilitation knowledge to help members of most major dance organizations in the metro-Denver area, including Colorado Ballet.

Lea-Ann comes from a contemporary ballet background. While a professional dancer, Lea-Ann started practicing and teaching yoga. Yoga and Pilates training helped enhance her dance performance by emphasizing body awareness in movement. Yoga & Pilates also helped her cope with the high expectations of performance while helping maintain balance in her everyday life.

Ultimately, an injury prevented Lea-Ann from continuing as a dance performer. Her personal experience with injury made her acutely aware of the vast therapeutic tools that yoga & Pilates provide for rehabilitation and overall balance. This inspired the desire for deeper training, but also the need to help other dancers to overcome injury and reach their full potential on the dance floor.
Also helping with our sports & dance rehabilitation services at Colorado Center for PT, are Certified Pilates Instructors Rachel Stamey, CMT, PTA, and Certified Pilates Instructors Sheila Bryant & Amy Wall.

At the Colorado Center for Physical Therapy, we are here to assist dancers and athletes of all ability levels. We are confident that we can assist you in reaching your goals and to help you perform safely at peak levels. Call us and we will help you formulate a plan for success.*

* Most Insurance Accepted. We are a Medicare and Workers Compensation approved facility. Call us and we will help determine if you will be covered at our facility.


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We accept most insurance and are Medicare providers. Contact us and we will help you determine if your insurance company will cover our services or explore other competitive cash based packages and options.

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