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Other Specialties

We work with a wide variety of doctors and health care experts, believe in a team approach, and allow the highest good of the patient to be our guide. We differ from other physical therapy clinics in many ways, the foremost being our approach, but also that we spend ample time with each patient with the intention of understanding the root of their problem. We then design and set the most effective rehabilitation plan in motion.

Advanced Spine and Core Strengthening System – CLICK HERE

Postural and Gait Analysis – CLICK HERE

Neuromuscular Therapy – NMT (St. John Method) – CLICK HERE

Sports & Dance Injury Rehabilitation – CLICK HERE

Hanna Somatic Movement Therapy – CLICK HERE

Therapeutic Massage – CLICK HERE

Please contact Erma Pacheco at 303-797-0988 if you have any questions or would like more in-depth information. Thank You!


We accept most insurance and are Medicare providers. Contact us and we will help you determine if your insurance company will cover our services or explore other competitive cash based packages and options.

Colorado Center for Physical Therapy